A triphammer is sometimes known as a "helve hammer". But the best way to answer what a triphammer is, would be to simply say: it's a massive powered hammer. Most often triphammers are powered by a water wheel, and raised by a cam and then released to fall using gravity. 

They're most often used to crush grains, to hammer hot iron, brass, steel, and other metals, and sometimes for mining and crushing ore. The earliest recorded use of a triphammer is as long ago as 40 BC and medieval Europe. 

Rochester, NY was home to a large triphammer mill in High Falls the Triphammer Forge where you can still see the massive waterwheel that powered the hammer, and Cornell has Triphammer Falls. Locationally, naming the brewery, Triphammer Bierwerks, made sense. And just like a triphammer, this brewery doesn't stop until the job is done.