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TH IPA                                           6.8  ABV  68 IBU’s
This flagship beer from Triphammer is a golden-orange, hazy IPA. Late hop and dry hop additions of Mosaic and Citra give it a forward flavor and a dry aroma finish. Featuring highlighted citrus flavors: tangerine and mango, this India Pale Ale is a favorite of many of our patrons.  

Caravan Pilz 6% 45 IBU’s

A big unfiltered american pilsner utilizing citrusy northwest american hops adding a nice hop zing twist to a classic lager.

Rockm Hopm IIPA 7.7 %abv ? ibus

Big classic west coast hops dominate this double ipa. Its difficult to calculate IBU’s since most of the 4lbs per barrel of hops were added post boil. Lot’s o Simcoe hops in this one.

Mayan Coffee Porter  5.8  ABV 26 IBU’S

Cold brewed South of the Border Roasted coffee beens from Ithaca coffee roasters tips this light, easy drinking porter. 

Lil Dreamer                        5.0 ABV 15 IBU’S

The Lil Dreamer is a traditional Belgian White Ale. This beer has minimal hopping, and the grain bill is primarily pilsner and white wheat malt. Steeped in coriander, orange peel, and vanilla this White ale fits any time of year. offering-year round.

Rotating test beer Tues-Thurs, new beer each week.

G.T.F.O session IPA 4.5 ABV 55 IBU’s

Cascade and Mosaic hops tip this session IPA. I said I would never make a session IPA so when I did my partner said GTFO!! Hence the name.

Friar’s Pale Ale 5.2 ABV 40 IBU’S

A belgian style pale ale. Our love of american hops blended with the funkiness of belgian yeast.

Uniduckapuss Lemon Lime Sour Ale 6.5% 42 IBU’S

Kettle soured fruited sours series. My daughter drew a Uniduckapuss for art at school. A Unicorn, Duck and an Octopuss. I thought—that is the cutest thing AND its a beer name! So the Uniduckapuss series was born.

Copper Ale 6% 33 IBU

An american amber ale, big and malty.

 ‘71 Hefeweizen 4.9% abv 12 IBU

A little banana, a little clove and you got a fresh german style wheat beer.

Delta Blue Raspberry Craft Hard Seltzer 4.5 abv 3 ibu.

We are the first microbrewery in western NY to make a gluten reduced, easy drinking hard seltzer. An enzyme was added during the brewing process to lower gluten levels to below 20 ppb. With a nice addition of real raspberry. Very refreshing.