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TH IPA                                           7.0  ABV  
This flagship beer from Triphammer is a golden-orange, hazy IPA. Late hop and dry hop additions of Mosaic and Citra give it a forward flavor and a dry aroma finish. Featuring highlighted citrus flavors: tangerine and mango, this India Pale Ale is a favorite of many of our patrons.  

Hard Road Rye Pale Ale             5.9  ABV  
Another flagship beer, this Rye Pale Ale has the unique distinction of being the original all malt recipe Scott made as a home-brewer. The Rye presents itself with a warm golden hue. The malt to hop ratio makes this beer exceptionally well balanced. And with a dry finish as a result of the rye malt there is a soft citrus bitterness to it.

Headlong Red India Ale             6.5  ABV        
The Red India is a Seasonal IPA from Triphammer.  Using a copious amount of one of our favorite hop, the result is an amber color with a piney aroma and a resinous flavor on the palate.  These flavors and aromas are complemented with a solid but balanced malt profile which provide a full mouth feel and adds notes of crusty baguette and caramel.  

TH Hefeweizen                          4.9 ABV

The TH Hefeweizen is a traditional German wheat beer.  It's a nice balance with notes of banana and clove

TH Cherry Bottom Brown        5.8 ABV

The Cherry Bottom Brown is a hearty American brown ale with tart cherry juice added post fermentation. Our intention with the cherry was to complement the deep roasted notes of the malt bill. On the nose, the beer has notes of roasted nuts, chocolate, and ripe cherries. The beer pours a dark brown with a thick cream colored head. The mouth feel is soft upfront and then the full body of the beer consumes the palate. The beer finishes dry and this is where the cherries really shine.

TH Wing T Lager                      5.3 ABV

TH Belgian Wit                        5.5 ABV

The Belgian Wit is a traditional Belgian White Ale. This beer has minimal hopping, and the grain bill is primarily pilsner and white wheat malt. Steeped in coriander, orange peel, and vanilla this Wit is the perfect soft spring and summer seasonal beer.